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Why Be a Mass Communication Major at EWC?

ESPN CameraMan
ESPN CameraMan

Mass Communication is a major where you can learn to become a part of the broadcasting and production industry. A major where you learn to write and present – addressing the issues that confronts America as a country and impact every man, woman and child.

EWC’s Mass Communication Program is growing and with the faculty changes (a new Chair, Dr Kimberly Davis, former newscaster, Mr Rahman Johnson and the return of Ms. Alvenia Derban) we are looking for student growth. Currently the department has Sony HD camera equipment, Canon DLSRs,
Apple editing suites, Adobe Premier Video Editing
Adobe Audition and Avid Pro Tools Audio Editing

Besides learning how to use still and video cameras, Mass Comm students learn how to write scripts, news and feature stories, and press releases.

One of EWC's new cameras
One of EWC’s new cameras

During introductory classes like journalism, radio, public relations and television students are exposed to media professionals for a day, gaining valuable insight in these media fields.

Each EWC Mass Comm student is placed in a professional internship in a media outlet. Students apply skills they learned in class with award winning journalists, still photographers, videographers, and radio broadcasters.