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Course Descriptions


MCM 200: Introduction to Mass Communications                            3 Credit Hours

Analysis of the communications professions through an understanding of their structure and functions, their development, their performance, and the controls exercised over them by various groups and institutions; includes a survey of newspapers, film, broadcasting, advertising, and public relations. Prerequisites:  ENG 101: Freshman Composition I and ENG 102: Freshman Composition II

MCM 210: Journalism I                                                      3 Credit Hours

Introduction to the Print Media, with emphasis on news writing and reporting, including practical assignments in straight news writing; Development of Newspapers, Magazines, News Associations, and other Print Media; Study of the Social and Business aspects of Journalism. Prerequisite: MCM 200: Introduction to Mass Communications

MCM 212: Photojournalism                                                   3 Credit Hours

Emphasizes the basic elements of photography for the mass media, including newspapers, advertising, and television. Students learn how to compose, shoot, develop, and lay out 35mm photographs for newspapers and magazines and how to operate portable television cameras used by commercial stations in electronic news gathering. Emphasis on news photography and the relation of the spoken and written word to the visual image. Prerequisite: MCM 200: Introduction to Mass Communications

MCM 245: Broadcast Journalism                                              3 Credit Hours

An introduction to the broadcast media, with emphasis on news gathering, preparation, writing, and delivery techniques, as well as the rules and regulations that apply to broadcast journalism. Prerequisite: MCM 210: Journalism I

MCM 301: Journalism II                                                    3 Credit Hours

Practice in News Gathering; Development of Sources, Evaluation, and Writing as required in the Print Media. Major attention is given to contemporary issues, events, problems, and ethical considerations. Prerequisite: MCM 210: Journalism I

MCM 302: Public Relations and Advertising I             3 Credit Hours

An overview of the principles and policies, as well as, the historical and contemporary practices of public relations in business, government, associations, and other organizations; analysis of public relations programs, ethics of public relations practice, and options of career opportunities. Prerequisite: MCM 200: Introduction to Mass Communications

MCM 304: History of the Black Press                                         3 Credit Hours

A full review of the history, techniques, problems, and criticism of the Black Press in the United States since 1827. Prerequisite: ENG 102: Academic Writing and Research

MCM 305: Editorial Writing                                                  3 Credit Hours

Provides students the opportunity and the techniques needed to produce quality editorials, columns, and criticism for newspapers, magazines, and online publications. Prerequisite:  MCM 210: Journalism I

MCM 306-I: Newspaper Production 1                                           1 Credit Hour

Students work with the College newspaper writing articles, headlines, and outlines. Prerequisite:  MCM 210: Journalism I

MCM 306-II: Newspaper Production 2              1 Credit Hour

Students continue work with the College newspaper writing articles, typing copy, and doing layouts. Prerequisite: MCM 306-I: Newspaper Production 1

MCM 306-III: Newspaper Production 3                                        1 Credit Hour

Students continue work with the College newspaper writing articles, typing copy and doing layouts, with emphasis on newspaper design and writing styles. Prerequisite: MCM 306-II: Newspaper Production 2

MCM 306-IV: Newspaper Production 4                                        1 Credit Hour

Students continue work with the College newspaper writing articles, typing copy and doing layouts, with emphasis on newspaper design, writing styles, and newspaper management. Prerequisite: MCM 306-III: Newspaper Production 3

MCM 309: Radio Production                                                   3 Credit Hours

The study and practice of basic concepts, skills, and techniques involved in the production of radio programs, with emphasis on persuasive communication techniques used in radio production. Prerequisite: MCM 200: Introduction to Mass Communications

MCM 313: Copy Editing                                                        3 Credit Hours

Copy editing with emphasis on journalistic desk work: editing news stories, headline writing, typography, layout functions and relationships. Prerequisite: MCM 301: Journalism II

MCM 315: Mass Media in Society                                               3 Credit Hours

The course explores how the various mass media in our society cover various issues that affect society and how people (including all different minority groups in our society) perceive and react to the various mass media, with emphasis on media content and/or programming, stereotyping, and media ownership. Prerequisite: MCM 200: Introduction to Mass Communications

MCM 330: Writing For Radio and Television                              3 Credit Hours

Practice of techniques and formats used in broadcasting; focus on news writing, documentary writing, commercial writing, and writing with specific time restraints. Prerequisite:    MCM 245: Broadcast Journalism

MCM 335: History of Radio, Television, and Film                      3 Credit Hours

A detailed exploration of the historical development of radio, television and film as mass media, with emphasis on their structure, economics, and programming. Prerequisite: MCM 200: Introduction to Mass Communications

MCM 338: Communication Theory and Research                       3 Credit Hours

A study of historical and contemporary theories of human communication, with emphasis on mass communication theories.  Also involves fundamentals of mass communications research techniques, including content analysis, surveys, and historiography. Prerequisites:   MCM 200: Introduction to Mass Communications, and Junior Standing

MCM 340 Television Production                                               3 Credit Hours

Practical aspects of television production; program planning, operation of cameras, lights, and audio components; control room discipline and simple direction. Knowledge of basic terms, work areas, and crew functions emphasized. Prerequisite:   MCM 245: Broadcast Journalism

MCM 342: Public Relations and Advertising II                                                3 Credit Hours

Training and practice in media relations; the development of professional writing skills with emphasis on external and internal communications; press releases, public service announcements, publication design, employee communications, speech writing, audio visual presentations, and new conferences. Prerequisite: MCM 302: Public Relations I 

MCM 346: Advanced Radio Production                                          3 Credit Hours

A continuation of MCM 309; further study and practical experience in advanced radio production techniques, including programming. Student projects will focus on various types of productions done at both commercial and noncommercial stations. Prerequisite:  MCM 309: Radio Production

MCM 349: Advanced Television Production                                     3 Credit Hours

A continuation of MCM 345; study and practical experience in television production, including television programming. Planning and videotaping of students’ projects. Prerequisite: MCM 345: Television Production

MCM 350:  Desktop Publishing                                                3 Credit Hours

The study and practical application of the fundamentals of desktop publishing and graphics layout. Prerequisite:  MCM 205:  Journalism I

MCM 408: Broadcast Management                                                3 Credit Hours

Prepares students for future management positions in the broadcast media, through the study of concepts and principles of media management, an examination of how media companies function today, and how students can prepare themselves as future managers. Prerequisites:  MCM 309 Radio Production & MCM 340 TV Production, and Senior Standing

MCM 412: Media Law & Ethics                                             3 Credit Hours

A study of the legal issues affecting the mass media, with emphasis on libel, defamation, FCC rules and regulations, copyright laws, advertising, and the basic legal philosophy related to all media, as well as the study of the historical development of press freedom & responsibility, and ethics in the mass media professions. Prerequisites:  MCM 301: Journalism II, and Senior Standing

MCM 449: Internship in Print Journalism, PR, Radio, or TV   3 Credit Hours

Work experience for one semester in a newspaper organization, a public relations company or firm, a radio station, or a TV station, with emphasis on the practical application of classroom concepts. Minimum of 120 hours of assigned work under the direction of the Internship Supervisor on site. Regular meetings with the faculty Internship Coordinator and weekly written reports; dates and times of meetings with the faculty Internship Coordinator must be arranged by the students, in advance. Prerequisites: Internship in Print Journalism: MCM 301 Journalism II. Internship in Public Relations: MCM 342 Public Relations II. Internship in Radio: MCM 309 Radio Production. Internship in Television: MCM 340 Television Production

Permission of Internship Instructor, & Letter of Acceptance for Internship.

MCM 490: Special Topics                                                                 3 Credit Hours

Provides an opportunity for Mass Communications majors to study selected issues or subjects in the fields of Journalism and Mass Communications. Typical topics could be selected from Print, Public Relations, Radio, or Television. Prerequisites: Senior Standing and Approval by Department Chair.

MCM 499: Senior Seminar in Mass Communications                      3 Credit Hours

A capstone course for Mass Communications majors. Focus is on extensive reading and doing research or project on a selected topic in mass communications, with the objective of doing a research or project that integrates the knowledge gained in various areas of mass communications. The main purpose is to enable the students to gain experience in mass communications research, and do an oral presentation as part of their exit examination, as well as produce a graduation portfolio. Research topics or projects determined through consultations with Academic Advisor and approval by the Instructor. Prerequisites:  Senior Standing and Final Semester in Program