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Faculty Member to Speak at Florida Communications Meeting

LogosMass Communications Professor Dan Henrich will be presenting two papers at the Florida Communication Association meeting Oct 21st and 22nd in Orlando. He will also facilitate two other sessions.

The first presentation is Judging the Collegiate Echo Competition – What we can learn to make our student projects more competitive and is based on his experience in judging 28 of the entries in the nationwide Collegiate ECHO competition. Over 237 student teams submitted entries this year. Most of the teams work on these yearly challenges over the course of a year. This year’s challenge was to create an integrated marketing campaign that increases awareness and consideration of Custom Adiiences among Facebook’s target audience, B2C (Business to Consumer) marketing decision makers.

His second presentation is Mass Media Curriculum Change – The Cutting Edge or the Bleeding Edge? and discusses the needs and strategies to upgrade curriculum – providing tool skills that will be relevant in the workplace. Henrich has participated in the updating of curriculum at Liberty Unversity and is part of the curriculum re-design team at EWC along with Dr. Kimberly Davis, Chair, Ms. Alvenia Derban and Mr. Rahman Johnson.