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Faculty Attends Health Summit

Connect2Health2Henrich was invited after a search for informed participants. “In short, we researched around Jacksonville for people who can represent the varying dimensions and issues surrounding elderly care and health. He came to our attention as we researched academicians who may be able to bring an informed perspective to an innovative design session. In this instance, we were considering someone to augment the session and participants with their understanding of eliciting stories, and empathizing and designing for a population, which are roles intrinsic to journalism and mass communications,” said Shaikh Yahya, FCC Connect2Health member.

Henrich participated in an innovative Interactive Telehealth Session called “Broadband Bridging Gaps for Seniors and People with Disabilities.” A group of five participants were presented with a real life scenario of a senior and her health challenges. The team developed a simple skit and answers to the patient’s problems using TeleHealth methodology.

During the proceedings, Henrich had the opportunity to ask several questions as the proceedings were streamed over the internet. This engendered several face-to-face discussions with participants during lunch which included, Mignon Clyburn, FCC Commissioner, Dr. Floyd Willis and others. He also discussed communication strategies with representatives from the WellFlorida Council, HCNeNetwork, The Health Copuncil of North Florida, the director of FSCJ’s HIM & MCB Program and several IT consultants. Henrich also joined with the FCC social media consultants to post on Twitter and Linkedin. In addition, the office of Congresswoman Maxine Waters saw the live streaming and contacted Henrich. Waters is the incumbent of California’s 43rd district.