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Journalism Today

Journalist Mark Spain at ActionNewJax
Journalist Mark Spain at ActionNewJax

Journalism has changed massively in the last five years, not to mention the last ten or 20. Today, journalism students must be prepared for a bigger workload as well as having skills in various forms of journalism, even if they only plan on working in one particular niche. Understanding the differences in today’s journalism can help one prepare for a better and brighter career.

Journalism Rule #1 – Being Versatile

Today’s journalists must be more versatile than they were in the past. With the internet being one of the most popular ways for the public to get their news, journalists must have experience in several different areas in order to be able to satisfy the need for digital information. Just a few things a journalist might want to be proficient in that didn’t really matter in the past includes website design, photography, social media, and web page layout. These skills help journalists manage web pages, create blogs, and provide information and news via the internet – no matter what branch of journalism they’re in.

Topher Sander - Metro Writer at Times-Union
Topher Sander – Metro Writer at Times-Union

Journalism Rule #2 – Transparency

The public these days is all about transparency. If they feel that a journalist or broadcasting company is taking one side or another, they will instantly see that and call it out. Transparency, truth, details, and objectivity are extremely important in today’s journalism. While opinion journalism is still popular, the public wants to know for sure what side a journalist is on. In any case, they want to know that the journalist is reporting the facts, regardless of what side they’re on. Transparency is extremely important.

Journalism Rule #3 – Keeping Up with the Game

In the same way that journalism is so different today, it also changes week to week and month

Anchor Rob Sweeting at News4Jax WJXT
Anchor Rob Sweeting at News4Jax WJXT

to month. With the increase in technology, the demand for more transparency, and the ever-changing public, journalists must be able to weather the changes in order to be successful. For this reason, journalists have to be willing to keep up with changes in the industry and in turn, provide the public with what they’re looking for. Without this, it’s easy for even the most experienced and successful journalist to go off the radar when it comes to importance and popularity.

The journalist who understands the need for more knowledge and many more skill sets, who is honest and transparent in their search for the truth, and who keeps up with the constant changes in the industry will surely experience success on his or her path. Those who are unwilling to see journalism as a very different ball game today may not be quite as successful.

By Kristi Carter in https://suite.io/kristi-carter/4bzk24m